Ben Herremans  (chief-editor, Roularta)


The work of Emmanuel Van Hove are a universe in which visitors are immediately able to recognise the elements, but not their context. They know what the things are that they are seeing, but do not understand their meaning. Perhaps that is as it should be; initial
incomprehension deepens later insight. Preceded by puzzlement, the later understandings are sharpened, are more properly delineated, because that is the result of ordering one’s thoughts. In this sense, with his work Van Hove generates a eureka-experience.
Is that what he sets out to do? Well, no. Perhaps subconsciously. He leads us down the garden path in an intelligent way. Van Hove shows nothing that is in itself incomprehensible, but he isolates these things from their context; the viewer loses the perception of the whole. Confronted with Van Hove’s work, the vieuwer is overcome with a certain desperation; he or she has no idea what is being served up. It is a trick! What else? But through his choice of themes, he has to be let off entirely. He doesn’t intend to fool anyone.
He cannot at all be accused of malice. On the contrary, he serves the noble cause of unmasking those of our fellow men who have to a certain degree elevated hoodwinking to a profession. Not that Van Hove lays an accusation at their feet. In this honest modesty, he denies himself the right to nail anything or anybody (or, in a neologistic plural, anybodies) to the cross.
The young artist does not want to steep himself in supposed bad intensions. In a social perspective, this innocent naivety is precisely the sharpest weapon Van Hove has.
By simply using the tricks employed by the people who are the objects of his study, his exhibition affords a hidden dimension: looking at how he works runs parallel with looking at how it works.


Emmanuel Van Hove is also the co-founder of INKT.

INKT started of as a platform for collaborative projects between artists, art institutions and universities. Graphical analysis and representation play here a central role. The historical as well as the contemporary potential of graphics form a starting point for a critical, retrospective as well as a perspective look towards the possibilities of this medium.
Reprography through mechanical or electrical means, such as photography, lithography, xerox or the internet question authorship, originality and exchange of information.
Living in a world directed by speed and an overflow of images & informations, we approach this matter from an artistic point of view. Going back to the actual idea of reprography, namely reflection and interpretation.

INKT is directed by the artists Emmanuel Van Hove and Felicitas Rohden, who are both printmaking lectures at the Fine Art Department at St-Lucas School of Arts in Antwerp.


exhibitions (selection)


2016 GRAFIKO, with Dirk Van Der Eecken, Fred Bervoets,… Academie, IKO, Hoogstraten


2016 BHKFK, with Kasper De Vos, Nick Ervinck, Nadia Naveau, Edith Ronse, Tamara Van San, Marie Snauwaert, Niko Van Stichel, Katleen Vinck en Warre Mulder.  vitrine Hoogstraten, BE


2015 INKT, artist edition and exhibition at Biennale di Venezia, Venice, IT
(other participating artists: Hans op de Beeck, Johan Tahon, Felicitas Rohden,…)


2014 Print Art Fair, Frans Masereelcentrum, Kasterlee, BE (other participating artists: Kris Fierens, Tinka Pittoors, Caroline Coolen, Damien De Lepeleire,…)


2014 SASK, Sint-Niklaas, BE


2014 Weihnachtsausstelling, Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE


2013 SECONDroom, Antwerpen, BE (other participating artists: Dirk Vander Eecken, Wesley Meuris, Bert Danckaert,…)


2013 Ambasadeur van de Academie, SASK, Sint Niklaas, BE
(other participating artists: Marc De Blieck, Wim Wauman, David Huycke,…)


2012 Confrontration, CC, Vrasene, BE


2011 SASK, Sint-Niklaas, BE


2010 Emmanuel Van Hove, Boothuis Brauhaus, Ghent, BE (solo)


Between black and white, DACCA LOFT, Temse, BE


2009 intervention, billboard installation, Vondelpark, Amsterdam, NL


2008 Canvascollectie,BOZAR, Brussels, BE


kwk, SASK, Sint-Niklaas, BE

ONE, Vierkante Zaal, Sint-Niklaas, BE landscape, Meerdonk, BE


2007 fear power god, Installation within test model concept by TARRA, Ghent, BE


2004 Solden, Sint-Lucaspassage, Antwerp, BE (solo)


2004 Soorten van blindheid, Sint-Lucas, Antwerp, BE


2003 Freespace 12, KMSKA, Antwerp, BE (solo)

2003 Grand Tour, KMSK, Ghent, BE (curated by Thibaut Verhoeven)


Feel Estate, Minardschouwburg, Ghent, BE


2003 Fortstraat 100, Mortsel, BE


2002 Emmanuel Van Hove, Lokaal 01, Antwerp, BE (solo)


2002 Project, Anc.Ets, Sint Lucas, Antwerp, BE (solo)


2002 Emmanuel Van Hove, HISK, Antwerp, BE (solo) Museum School of Art, Boston, US


2002 Elzenveld, Antwerp, BE Plener Malarski, Glogow, PL